Welcome Unknown

Staying a bit longer,

before words, before act, before thinking

Observing a bit longer

Allowing the unknown

Staying with the experience

of the unknown

This welcoming the unknown; inspired by Thomas Yeomans (Psychosynthesis pioneer), article “The Corona Progress: Group work in Spiritual Context (1996).

He for example says: ‘Let the unknown of your, and others', experience simply be, rather than seeking to explain, or control, events immediately’, also ‘not move prematurely to solve problems and provide solutions.’ Also ‘be curious, wonder, welcome unknown. Learn to be comfortable with the Unknown and study in yourself what keeps you from this.’

Last sentence of studying yourself what keeps you from this is helping us to expand our consciousness. Learn our patterns, traits. When the consciousness expands we have more room to live freely, moving from the autopilot to presence. We are more comfortable with now, more in our center or closer to it and acting from that place.

So maybe you would like to observe this for the coming week. Inviting an opportunity to slow down, being with the unknown, however that appears to you in some moments and see what might start to happen.. it might be just the matter of seconds. Inventing curiosity, before (re)acting. Getting comfortable with not knowing. Maybe even learning more of your personality, which can evolve, which also affects the personal life.

“This is a work of lifetime, and the old patterns certainly remain present, but they no longer have the energy stored in them that would influence and affect present behaviour.” By Thomas Yeomans, book Holy Fire, The process of Soul Awakening

So, Welcome Unknown?


New life

Birth of the new life is getting closer 🌱💝

Wish you all have been enjoying the beautiful summer time.

Work wise the plan is to later on to hold online Guidance for individuals and Psychosynthesis online groups whenever the time is right.

Psychosynthesis coaching is already now available thorough my partner if you like:
www.liviniconscious.life (me and my partners site).

Psychosynthesis supports to live this life as fully as possible. Through the soul ✨️
You can find many posts and practices of Psychosynthesis here, if this calls you.

Wishing to be connecting with you somewere in future ❤️




is that physical, emotional and mental place from where you have no need to escape from ❤️
Within you and in connection with life around..
What are the blocks that makes you escape home? And how could you overcome them to be truly you?

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Psychosynthesis can awaken us more fully into life

Thomas Yeomans, Ph.D categories these awakenings in his book Holy Fire in very clear way:

* There is self awareness (will to look inside) and capability to observe and be aware of your experiences. The self / the space of I / the centeredness can be daily, however there are instances when this is not happening and we stay dominated by our unconscious material and driven by different unconscious impulses and needs. Here self reflective capability is necessary for the center becoming more rooted.

* Second is the awareness of our soul and being able to express from there. Here is a shift from identity from personality to soul.

* Third is the awakening to this world here rather than above it. It is transcendence to descendence. Soul expresses down and in rather than up and out.

* Fourth is the synthesis of the second and third and contains the word "realization". To really realize who we are and make this real in this world. There is also the realization of who we are in the universe and an experience of total interrelatedness and interbeing with all Life near and far.

Note: Existential/duality crises may be occurring and here can be crises in between the relationship with soul and personality. For instance; personality may be well integrated, but cuts off from any connection to the soul. Also, the personality can be "spiritualized" and thinks it's close to the soul, but in fact, is trapped in spiritual-seeming identifications and so, caught in a duality between personality and soul.

Psychosynthesis supports to live this life as fully as possible. Through the soul ✨️
Psychosynthesis Coaching is possible through @livingconsciouslife (me and my partners account) and if retreat calls, then check: @kadermoconsciousliving ✨️

Kadermo has always been such a beautiful place to be 💖 Actually in today's guided meditation by @beinghome.nu I had an image of me standing in a path in Kadermo when Rolandjan asked something such as; to be in "beingness", beyond identifications.. 🌠 I don't remember exact words at all, but that feeling of freedom, lightness and joy.. 💝


System Theory

During the Psychosynthesis training we had a guest teacher Mark Horowitz. He introduced System Theory that for me was complementary when looking at interaction with others. Psychosynthesis too looks at the whole of us, but it starts from the individual process and when in touch with the core of us our actions are in aligned with life in general.

What is system theory; in short it brings understanding to what is a functional and dysfunctional system; a system being a group (family, groups, organisation..).
In general human systems are created to make life better and are defined by some boundary (for example common purpose).

All of us play a part in human systems where we can create conditions either for well-being or craziness. In these systems the change in one person affects the whole and also the change in the whole system affects all individuals; here we can see how interconnected we are in a system.

What we also need to understand is that the system does take on a life of its own as we emerge with multitude people within the system (or with a system of two participants). We can look at the system like own identity or personality, with own behaviours and conscious and unconscious rules. And these behaviours and rules of the systems can either be Life-affirming (functional) that is supportive and energising or Life-deadening (dysfunctional) that can have low morale and fighting.

Healthy system would be described as a Life-affirming system where the participants are nurtured and while people take care of the wellbeing of the system itself. Life with capital L as Mark defines it to indicate the largest whole and also as he believes this whole to be sacred and mysterious.
In a healthy system there is information flow and all are treated as human beings where individuals can make choices for themselves and for the system as a whole.

Unhealthy system is seen as Life-deadening as it can be destroying individuals aliveness and sense of self. Mark believes that extreme dysfunctional systems can for example include secrecy, isolation, control of members, paranoia and sense of righteousness.

In the dysfunctional forces the aids are: Observing the system as whole, as an entity, the finger pointing to do not serve, but rather seeing how WE all are responsible and start the discussion of what action WE as a system need to take together. Here the individual might also need to create courage to express what is needed from others, what the individual can offer and also expressing who they are (as an expression of Life). Any “feeling like a victim” can work well for the wake-up call for reclaiming one's own power and choice back in any relationship or situation. Individuals also need to see how to express care and love in a way that brings people together. Empathy and compassion for others is also needed but in a way that the individual does not give up their own needs or group’s needs + listening skills in a way that the system can actually learn and grow.

If we get to understand how the human systems work we get to also help these systems to become more Life-affirming. The pitfall of not understanding how the system works, the system can start to take a life of its own and even end up dictating the conditions of our lives.
So coming back to the reminder; in general the purpose of the system was that the system originally is created to make life better.

If you are called to more depths of System Theory
+ how to communicate in the ststem that brings more love, power and Life, Mark Horowitz has written a book;; “The Dance of WE” ~ “The mindful use of LOVE and POWER in human systems”.
For those called to understand how to express themselves in a system I would also recommend "NVC; Nonviolent Communication - A language of life" by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. ~ Conscious communication setting principles that support compassion, collaboration, courage and authenticity; increasing meaning, connection and satisfying relationships ~. You can also find a lot of videos in YouTube about NVC.