Emptiness Dancing

"Take a moment
to check and see if you are actually here.

Before there is right and wrong,
we are just here.
Before there is good or bad, or unworthy,
and before there is the sinner or saint,
we are just here.
Just meet here, where silence is -
where the stillness inside dances.
Just here, before knowing something, or not knowing.
Just meet here where all points of view
merge into one point,
and the one point disappears.

Just see if you can meet right now
where you touch the eternal,
and feel the eternal living and dying at each moment.
Just meet here -
before you were an expert,
before you were a beginner.

To just be here,
where you are what you always will be,
where you will never add anything to this,
or subtract anything.

Meet here, where you want nothing,
and where you are nothing.
The here that is unspeakable.
Where we meet only mystery to mystery,
or we don't meet at all.
Meet here where you find yourself
by not finding yourself.
In this place where quietness is deafening,
and the stillness moves too fast to catch it.

Meet here where you are what you want
and you want what you are
and everything falls away
into radiant emptiness."

~ Adyashanti

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