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As a Trager therapist we have continuing educations and the latest that I attended was a course about the nervous system. Amazing! Already wrote this to instagram:

Neurologically touch OR feeling create same reaction in a brain ➡ body. Nice touch OR nice feeling; body reaction, same 🙏 And this goes to not so nice ones too..

I wanted to review my notes and write some of them for you too: To get inspired, recall how amazing our system is and maybe to take better care of yourself 💗

* All of our senses are part of the nervous system and our conscious mind is bounded to nervous system. If we damage our nervous system, our consciousness might weaken (this a different type of consciousness if we would refer to the yogig terms). However all of our cells has intelligence, so these all together forms our intellectuality.

* Actions of nervous system I’ve already written in Finnish. This can be read from the blog; “Jooga keho”.

* Skin has the widest range of nerve endings and when skin is touched we touch the brain too. And if for example liver has something to inform, the information goes to our spinal cord and back.

* Little brain/cerebellum has all the coordinations and movement combinations, cerebrum (isot aivot) is the storage for the intelligence, memory and creative actions and spinal cord has all the fast triggers, for example the information that we get through touch.

* Neurons in our brain do not renew and the maximum neurones is reached at the age of 16-18 years. However the connections between cells can evolve and other parts can take the duty of another, for example one part of the brain may be able to take the duty of another.

* Exception; daily there are new neurones in hypothalamus but we do loose them if not but in action right away. Whatever new we do in daily basis, we keep on staying “intelligent”. In other words the plasticity of our brain develops. From Trager point of view; the more complex movement that “patient” receives, more activation it creates.

* Balance exercises stimulates nervous system and helps to keep yourself young + the importance of exercising the memory because the process of "getting dull, lazy" is difficult to reverse. Learn new things, keep the curiosity. When you exercise your body, you exercise your brain too.

* There is always some freedom even in the stiffest parts of our body. And if we find this freedom even with a small movement, it gives pleasure and our nervous system and mind will be feed with these sensations. It re-educates, increases movement and easiness. Person might not even be aware of the small movement. 

* 20% of our oxygen goes to nervous system and we need deep rest to repair the damages from actions. 

* Describing the good feelings, butting them into words records the feeling more deeply into our system.

* Our ideas, the intuitive wisdom is most activated when we connect feeling and doing and it might look that we are not doing anything productive at all. So it can be just a walk where you keep on feeling your walking or moving your body parts the way they already are wanting to move; without choreography, into this dance of awareness, presence and feeling.

* We have many different neurone receptors that do gather information. From what we feel we create our world and we all do have our own. This is also a reason why our “brains” feel differently. What is good for us, might not be good for the other. Ask; all feeling are always right.

* Pain ➡ tension ➡ not moving do not increase pain ➡ feeling less pain when controlled. But when pain or trauma is not there anymore, we should relax, but our “intelligence” wants to keep the tension, just in case..

* Emotional pain is the same. For example if your boss yells at you many many times and you start to lift your shoulders. Boss is not even at work but you still have the holding in your shoulders. Then the boss goes on holiday and in your mind you think; aahhh, but still there is some holding in the shoulders, just to be ready when boss comes back. With Trager treatment these pains (from physical or emotional source) are touched with a movements that reaches the nervous system, unconscious mind, increasing the willingness to relax.

* Mirror neurons are actual neurons that “copy” feeling that we see if someone is doing or feeling something. Pleasurable sight giving pleasurable feeling to our system. This is also seen as person being sympathetic.

At the nervous system course there were much detailed looks to the neurones and and the whole system and neurological “diseases”; MS, parkinson, alzheimer and how Trager is connected to them, but that is a story of other type 💗

Keep on learning, moving, relaxing, “doing nothing” too, feeling and expressing the good sensations as you already learned that it helps to integrate the feeling more deeply into our amazing system 💗

* Teacher at the course was an Italian Trager practitioner and teacher who has also worked years with "world class" athletes as a coach; Piermario Clara 🙏 

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