A Festival for artistic and spiritual life

"From ashes rises new life!
Festival fee 10€
Cash fee for foods&goods"

Lauantaina 30.9.!!! @Malakta
Kuvissa koko ohjelma 🙏

"Powerful transformation in the fire element, the creator and destructor.
Burning ART is such an inspiring gathering, symbolises life in its deep essence, birth and death.

We believe that art is a form of healing - a way to explore ourselves, humanity and our existence.
The fire ceremony is were we burn old art, old trauma, and create healing, new space for creative energy.

Dancing, drumming, singing, fire juggling, meditation, yoga, food and laughter is part of our celebration.

Burning Art is a child and animal friendly festival.

Welcome 30.9.2017 🙏🍁💛🔥"

Instagram video viime vuoden tuli seremoniasta

Tässä mitä itse pidän:
Dare to look into the soul - 5 senses meditation.

Hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling and seeing.
It is through our senses that we do connect, are present to ourself and others.

Sparkle of life room
* bring cushions to sit comfortably and maybe a mat to lay on

Connecting the inner fire through yogic practices. 

We’ll burn some of the hidden emotions so that we may be here more fully, with our potential, connected into ourself and others.
The gallery of flame
* bring your yoga mat and maybe a cushion to sit on

"Kristiina “Krisse” Peltoniemi / Yoga teacher (RYT) and Trager® therapist

Kristiina is interested in wholeness, life, living, loving, connecting, authenticity, openness - acts of the soul 💓 Times outside her “work” she enjoys spending time with family, friends and with her fluffy white dog, nature has a special meaning and a quick rooting effect to herself to drop into "just being", she also loves writing and dance; especially dance from within (authentic/somatic movement / contact improvisation). 

Her first touch to yoga was over 20 years ago on a first trip to India. There was something that started bloom; how life can also be lived and experienced. She has been teaching the past 15 years and also works as a bodyworker. Her interest to different healing practices as a bodyworker came from yoga and from the wish to give to others and to herself an experience of this holistic, healing and connecting sensation in individual treatments as well as in her teaching.

She teaches yang (active) style of yoga (raja yoga, hatha yoga) in a forms of ashtanga and yang and yin yoga (hatha yoga). She has experience in different spiritual traditions as well; Tibetan Buddhism and japa meditation (bhakti yoga) and from kundalini and tantra branches. Yoga is yoga (oneness, union to self) - the tools and practices just varies. What is important that a practitioner can find a tool that is suitable to supports her/his lifestyle and current situation."

"To the fuller life from heart 💓 “ - Krisse

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