Energy in ground level, in seeds 🌱🙏 This is from where you'll start to grow, expand, towards the cycle of full #moon 🌕 To the highest level of support from the cosmic energy ✨❇ This is for you; #newmoon 🌑✨🌌🙏 Let me be in touch with my inner voice, the pure wisdom, to water my seeds the right amount, not to dry not to drown. This is the solid rich ground, right amount 💝 I'm ready for the growth, for the beauty of the natural transformation, to profound connection, living, experiencing, flow, unity. I'm ready. In all steps; I know what I need, I'll make the conscious choice to listen, witness and act and I so much do welcome you. Thank you 🙏✨🌟🌿 #root #transformation #soul #growth #union #love #presence #mooncycle #seasonalcycle #life 🌑🌓🌔🌕🌱🌿🌾🍂

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