Mantra meditation

Mantra meditation / singing / kirtan

This is for the growing half moon, this is for you, for us to feel the moon energy rise to support our creativity and planning. This is to gather together to sink and sing into our souls, purity, divinity, bliss. Heart open in presence, love, in the collective energy of our precious soul family.

This could be openness to new, not knowing, joy, compassion, love and presence.
Come if you feel calling; no whatsoever previous experience needed.
You are welcome the way you are.

Place: Wasa Wellness
Time: Fri 20.4.
At 18:30-20
Fee: 5€

What to bring: yourself and something to sit comfortably on, pillow?
What to expect: Guided beginning and end and collective heart singing in between 💞

Photo from @law_of_positivism

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