Yoga class?

Practice together 🙏 Because of the collective energy ✨ ✨ ✨
We are here together on this journey 💞
Room; at #wasawellness on Monday yin at 15:15-16:30 till midsummer and Monday yang practice at 16:45-18 till May 21.5.
Ashtanga mysore has room till end of May; Tuesday 16:10-18:10 and Wednesday 16-18 (you can also come later than the time that doors open \ once a month a led class).
Remember to connect me if you wish to join 🙏💌 kristiina.peltoniemi@gmail.com
📷's from #delightyoga in Netherlands 💞
Beautiful energy, space to dive in / be and for me to be feeling so thankful to be also in the role of a student 💜🙏💜
#yogafamily #soulfamily #ashtanga #mysore #yin #yang #kundalini #yoga #meditation 🌓

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