Mantra evening on Sunday June 17th

Mantra meditation / singing / kirtan 🎶🌌 
This is to gather together with the #soulfamily to sink and sing into our souls 💗 
Heart open in presence, love, in the collective energy of our presence and the presence of others.

This can be openness to new, not knowing, release, joy, compassion, love and unity. 
But at the end it is actually “just” coming home; to that place of ease, being, witnessing. To your soul.
Come if you feel calling and no previous experience is needed.
Place: Wasa Wellness

Time: Sun 17.6.
At 19:15-20:45
Fee: 7€

Let me know if you come so I can have right amount of mantras printed on paper;
 💌 kristiina.peltoniemi@gmail.com
What to bring: if you need something to sit comfortably on; maybe a pillow
What to expect: Guided beginning and end and collective heart singing in between 💞

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