How the unconscious communicates

How the unconscious communicates by Audrey Mairi; #tragerapproach ✨✨✨

"Although the unconscious can use a dream, or an inner voice, or a private snapshot to speak to us, our body is its most consistent vehicle of communication. A soft, supple body flowing with blissful emotion says one thing; a body riddled with tension and pain says another. Because the unconscious body/mind is our filter and translation matrix for the Life Force, the condition of our body, both emotionally and physically, can relate to us what is stored in our unconscious.

From the point of view of our unconscious, aches and pains are messages. We are not the victims. In fact, they are our salvation.. Pain is a red flag, an indicator that our expanding consciousness is being constricted by our outdated believes, our recurring emotional ruts, and their subsequent holding patterns. Pain is more than the result of a mechanical glitch; it is a plea for us to heal. Once we accept that the root cause of our nauseated belly, our migraine headaches, our pinched nerve lies in our unconsciousness, we are in position to go beyond our Band-Aid quick fixes..

Most of us pressure and push our unconscious, trying to dictate what our ego-self wants, whether through affirmations or just plain bullying. However, the unconscious does not respond well when told what to do. When we apply pressure, the unconscious goes into a state of fight or flight, either giving pressure back or sinking away. Even telling ourselves to relax becomes a threat, prompting defensiveness."

Come to a state of 'beginners mind' open questioning.. How could it be softer or more free, alive, connected, at ease according to the need. What would that feel like? How could it be? Breathe ✨✨✨

Open questioning can be used as a self healing / awareness "session" alone and in actual Trager® session; the therapist will also be using these questions (mostly in her/his mind) to give the body/mind the feeling of; freedom, support, connection, release, safety, openness, lightness, groundedness.. ✨✨✨

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