Mantra meditation on Easter / Pääsiäisen mantrat

It is vibration, resonation, energy moving, flowing. It is clearing, tuning, releasing, receiving. It is you, us 💗 It is time for the #callfromsoulfamily To do this together. Sing out loud or softly, silently in your mind 🎶🌌
Mantras are tools to meditation and it will take you there where it is supposed to; into moment 💗 Meditation will help you to connect to your soul, revealing and unfolding patterns and false beliefs of own-selves, others, world; in a way that we can more easily stay true and use our thoughts and thinking as a tool; not the other way around.. To the heart space; to act more and more from our hearts.

Let me know if we’ll meet on Sunday April 21st 🌖🙏

Place: Wasa Wellness, Pitkänlahdenkatu 13, 65100 Vaasa, Finland
Time: Easter Sunday 21.4.
At 18:15-20
Fee: 15€
Doors open at 17:45 if you would like to have some tea and treats before and meet / catch up with new, old friends.
Ovet auki 17:45, jos haluat tulla teelle ja herkuille ja tapaamaan uusia/vanhoja ystäviä.

Sign in / Ilmoittautuminen:
💌 kristiina.peltoniemi@gmail.com
What to bring: if you need something to sit comfortably on
What to expect: Guided beginning and end and collective heart singing in between 💞

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