Choose what you need

or interests you for now and stay with it for a while

* Inviting softness in your entire body / on those parts that may easily tense up, are painful. Internally saying; soften and allow it to happen.

* Exploring freedom in your body by moving kindly, softly, and also the way that the body needs and wants to move. Keep on asking; how can this movement be free, even more free and see what your body needs to be free.

*In your wording
Loving quality in your chosen words and expressions internally and to others. And ask yourself; how can I express with love.

* Choose your location in nature (eg. warm water paradise, amazingly scented woods, vast desert, mountain valleys..).
Here you have no obligations, you feel completely free, without any worries, no pains or illnesses.
Explore, feel, see, smell, touch, maybe even taste.
Feeling completely free and safe. What do you do in your chosen nature spot. How does this all make you feel? Really be with the experience.

Integrate the experience if possible.
Meaning; when you are "done", come to presence.
Feel your body, your breath and ask; what is new, what do I notice.
If nothing comes up. Walk mindfully and ask same questions while walking.
If you catch something now. Pause (stand, sit) and feel.
Give a word, words or sentances to integrate, relate it to your thinking mind. Saying it internally or out loud: "I feel..."
And allow yourself to feel what is there as an outcome.


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