Invitation to know ourselves as whole

In psychosynthesis “I” is seen as the un-storied self; awareness and will.
There is history, today and the future.
Discover: what is most alive now?
At this moment.
Internally ask. What is alive in myself? Certain thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, desires, imaginations? Many times a combination of them will tell the story (maybe even assisted by intuition).

Identify with it, become it, how is it to be it?

Dis-identify with it. Take distance, become the observer, look at it from a distance.

Self-identify as the un-storied self; the pure consciousness of awareness and will.

🙏 identifying might take time if it is story related pain. Allowing time.. days, months to be "ready" to dis-identify. Identify from a place of calm presence, curiosity and care 🙏

Discover: what is most meaningful right now?
Internally ask: What is most meaningful for myself now? Certain thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, desires, imaginations can give the ques (maybe even assisted by intuition).
Ask why is this really important? Find out what it gives to you as a *quality (not as a form). What could be the outcome(s)? Pros and cons? Make a choice as yes or no to pursue. If yes: Affirm your choice, energise it; still YES? Make a plan how to, when, where, with what..? Take action.

So there is history, today and future. We can be aware of what is alive now that reaches these time dimensions. Root to the un-storied “I” space. Move to the **will aspect by the question: what is most meaningful right now.

Invitation is to know ourselves as whole. Anchoring into empowered meaningful daily life.

Psychosynthesis reaches to the deepest truest needs that are often underneath the patterns of subpersonalities. More on on the subpersonalities in the previous post.

*Quality can be for example; peace, love, joy, calm, courage, energy, enthusiasm, harmony, wisdom, simplicity, gratitude, freedom, truth, wholeness, vitality.

** Will aspects; strong, skillful, good and transpersonal will

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